Kind Words

"It was such a joy working with Wildflower Yoga ATL. The Alliance Theatre is so lucky to have had them host our Self-Love Soundbath and Yoga session. It was incredibly relaxing and took a load off of our busy stressful schedules. Our staff truly enjoyed every moment and are looking forward to the next one! Thank you guys for being so great to work with." -Casey, Alliance Theatre, Atlanta GA
"Brittany is a wonderful yoga instructor! I felt welcome from the moment I walked into my first class. She has a very calming energy that creates the perfect serene environment to practice yoga. Her instruction is clear, thorough, and easy to follow, even for someone like me who has limited experience doing yoga. I always look forward to classes with Brittany." -John, Atlanta GA
Brittany is a wonderful teacher, it's that simple. she is caring and sensitive to her students and devotes herself to every class she teaches.  she will make you feel comfortable, no matter your level of experience with yoga. whether studying with her in a large group class or in a private session, you'll feel cared for and safe. She has a wide range of teaching experience but her specialty is restorative yoga.  treat yourself and get to her classes, you won't be disappointed!" -Jessie, Los Angeles
"I've known Brittany for 5 years now and cherish her as a great teacher and upstanding person. She taught classes both at my studio and with my mobile yoga company (, which offers yoga classes onsite and by appointment at businesses, schools and organizations throughout greater Los Angeles. Brittany is always upbeat, prompt and professional. Her classes are intelligently sequenced and she keeps a good balance between challenge and safety. She knows her stuff and has always been popular with all my yoga customers. She has a broad range of ability from a power yoga to restorative to working with kids and families. A real treasure to the LA Yoga community!" -McKenna, Los Angeles
"Brittany's classes have everything I want out of my yoga time.  I left feeling peaceful, challenged, and strong.  It is not always easy to hit the pause button, but the atmosphere Brittany offers allows you and invites you to do just that." -Lesley, New York City
"I feel so lucky to have found Brittany. As a beginning student, I was intimidated to start practicing yoga. But, Brittany has been such a patient and kind teacher. She tailors each class to fit my needs, and always has a great attitude. Some classes my 12 and 13 year old join in and they love doing yoga with her. She's fun and lighthearted while also being a focused teacher - a rare combination. 
I've been practicing with Brittany about a year now, and I've greatly improved my strength, flexibility, balance and breathing. I highly recommend Brittany for any yoga student at any level!" -Christina, Beverly Hills, CA
"Brittany is a dedicated and wonderful Yoga teacher. She is very in tune with her students and makes you feel like you have permission to go at your own pace but at the same time you feel continuously challenged. I have taken her Restorative classes as well as her Yoga For Artists and I especially love the themes that she incorporates. She helps you find the connection to each pose, and for someone like me who also enjoys more high impact and cardio exercises, it makes a difference and infuses a sense of purpose. I also love her voice, it's very soothing and calming and creates a unique and enjoyable experience." Jamie, Mobile, AL
"I have practiced yoga for over 20 years off and on. For many years it was daily. Having children and my own business, I didn't make  time for my yoga. I was ready to get started back expecting my body to do what It had done years before in my yoga practice. I went to several yoga classes, but came back feeling defeated and often in pain. When I had Brittany as my teacher, she worked out a program for me that was perfect right where I was with gentleness, knowledge of what would keep my body safe  and at the same time challenging.  Her guidance has enabled me once again to enjoy my yoga practice." -Kathy, Cary, NC
"In a city with lots of great yoga, Brittany is one of the best instructors I've ever had.  She really knows her stuff and she structures her pose sequences so that you feel terrific energy building even as you work hard.  She also usually has a theme for her classes (e.g. focusing on the heart chakra and its aspects) that deepens the practice in a thoughtful way.  She is also a really attentive and knowledgeable teacher (she makes sure she is aware of injuries or anything else that may be affecting students) and I always feel great in body and mind at the end of her class." -Alice, Los Angeles, CA
"Brittany is a superb yoga teacher. She tailors a class to suit the individuals and the needs. Young to not-so-young. Flexible to Barely Bendables. She is dedicated to the practice of Yoga - personally & professionally. Moreover, she is a delight. She makes the experience both pleasurable and worthwhile. Yoga - done well - is beneficial to every body. Brittany makes it safe and sound too." -Andrea, Beverly Hills, CA
"Brittany is warm, very well-trained, and versatile. She has a bright, calming energy and clearly has great intuition and creativity when it comes to accommodating her students' needs and goals. I've been lucky enough to practice with her in both private and class settings and she always knows how to balance strength with grace. You will leave feeling amazing and want to come back for more!" -Kate, Brooklyn, NY
"Brittany is a positive energy yoga teacher who has tremendous skill and patience.  I was a beginner with little flexibility and she has singlehandedly transformed me from a non- interested yoga novice to a passionate yoga enthusiast." -Jim, West Hollywood, CA
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